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Training manuals
Install & upgrade guide
Assists users to install and upgrade AKIPS.
Administrator guide
Assists admin users of AKIPS.
Backup & restore guide
Assists users to back up and restore AKIPS.
API reference guide
Assists users of API code in AKIPS.
User guide
Introduces the features available to users of AKIPS.
Tech bits
Scalable SNMP polling
One of the major challenges when building a modern network monitoring system is the need to constantly collect vast amounts of SNMP data for statistical and alerting purposes...
MAC, IP, VLAN & switch interface mapping
Every switch interface (physical or virtual) is effectively a ‘bridge’ and contains its own MAC forwarding table information...
Forwarding of NetFlow, Syslog & SNMP traps
Many network devices limit the number of destinations to which they can send NetFlow, Syslog or SNMP traps, typically due to hardware or software resource limitations …
Virtual machine & hardware deployment
Specifying a VM or bare metal platform is difficult because every network is different (i.e. number of users, devices, polled MIB objects, syslog/trap/NetFlow rates)…
Deploying SNMPv3
Deploying SNMPv3 is not difficult, but that’s exactly what vendors want you to think…
Top 10 reasons why you should KEEP your legacy NMS
Humorous, but quite true…
Top 10 reasons to REPLACE your legacy NMS with AKIPS
Scales to more than 2 million interfaces from a single server…
Recent videos

Miscellaneous settings

This video will step you through how to customise several miscellaneous settings in AKIPS.

Profile groups & user accounts

This video will demonstrate how to configure profile groups, create user accounts and assign users to a profile.

Unreachable devices

This video will explain the 'Unreachable devices' report within AKIPS.

Site scripts

Our powerful site-scripting framework enables customers to interact with the AKIPS database without needing to understand our underlying code. We hide the complexities of the protocols so our customers don't need to worry about them.

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