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Top 10 reasons why you should KEEP your
legacy network monitoring system

Humorous.... but quite true.

  1. Ping and interface monitoring covers all your needs.
    No need to bother with those pesky infrastructure metrics.
  2. Who needs those modern micro-second response time measurements.
    Good old millisecond resolution is enough for your needs.
  3. Link utilisation graphs show that 100,000% usage. Must be some type of new statistical metric.
    How can a link be more that 100% ?
  4. Wireless monitoring... don't need to monitor futuristic technology like that yet.
  5. Great vendor MIB support... except for the equipment you have.
  6. IPv6 support (ratified in 1998)... you'll never need that stuff.
  7. SNMPv3 (ratified in 1998)... who needs authenticated/encrypted v3 traps anyway.
  8. Five minute polling of packets/errors/discards/broadcast/multicast is good enough.
    Who really needs 1 minute resolution to track down those multicast storms ?
  9. Custom OID monitoring works like a treat. Just can't get enough of it.
    One day it might even monitor the stuff you've been asking for the last five years too!
  10. Operating system security updates - who needs that hassle.
    Once a year is enough to keep your security team happy.
  11. Cheap to deploy - runs in a VM with dedicated attached disks.
    Who uses those new technologies Hyperthreading/RAID/SAN/NAS anyway!

Oops, that's 11, but here's a few more ...

  1. Dashboards with heat maps, stacked bar graphs and scattered pie graphs. Eye candy use only. Any competent Statistician will recommend never use them because they are misleading and useless - basic 101 of statistical analysis and presentation.
  2. Informative technical blogs and ebooks cover all your unanswered questions.
    It's all in the buzz words - CAPEX, OPEX, OT, TCO, IoT, IIoT, BYOD, Smart Data, RESTful API, Dashlets...
  3. Smart Data - must be all those extra bits in those bytes.
  4. One liner release notes with no history of fixes and enhancements.
    Must be the new way of doing structured release engineering ?
  5. Flexible ratcheted pricing model allows you to only pay for what you monitor.
    Who's got the budget to monitor their entire network anyway.
  6. Five annual technical support cases... who'd need more than that in a year.
  7. Customisable dashboards... just can't have enough clocks, logos and pie graphs to fill that empty screen space on your 30 inch monitor!
  8. One second diagnostics poller is really useful... even if router and switch vendors only update their SNMP counters every 10 seconds.

    Hmmm! maybe that's why those graphs peak at 1000% for a second and then 0% for nine seconds, and without high precision timers on the agent data collection side, the graphed values are misleading.

  9. Read Only RESTful API... now that's damn useful! and there is always a spare resource sitting around idle who knows how to program in Perl/Python/HTTP/CGI/JSON/etc.
  10. Next release is coming really soon.... er or later.
    Can't wait to install version 6.0.1 with the latest hotfixes!

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