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Top 10 reasons to REPLACE your
legacy network monitoring system with AKIPS

Also see Top 10 reasons why you should KEEP your legacy NMS

  1. Scales to over 2 million interfaces from a single server
  2. Runs in a VM with either DAS, RAID, SAN or NAS storage
  3. Quick and simple installation and upgrades
  4. Frequent updates for new features, bugs and security updates
  5. Intuitive modern user interface. "Navigate through your data" instead of clunky control panels
  6. Out of the box support for 5050+ MIB objects and 90+ vendors
  7. Interactive TopN tables and SVG graphs for every sensor
  8. Fully IPv6 compliant
    (Ping, SNMP, Syslog, Netflow, HTTP, etc)
  9. Fully SNMPv3 compliant - Auto Discovery, Traps and Poller
  10. Role based Access Control for all reporting functionality
  11. Auto grouping by vendors, interface types/speeds/VLAN, etc.
  12. Response times measured at 1 millionth of a second resolution
  13. True 1 minute polling for every interface sensor
    (Octets, Packets, Errors, Discards, Broadcasts, Multicast, Pause Frames)
  14. Scheduled PDF reporting
  15. 95th Percentile reporting
    (Transmit, Receive, Sum and Max algorithms)
  16. MAC/IP Address Locator
  17. Unused Interfaces reporting
  18. Alerting - Status, Thresholds, Syslog and SNMP Traps
  19. Advanced Adaptive Polling reduces SNMP traffic volumes
  20. Netflow / J-Flow v5, v9, IPFIX, IPv4, IPv6, over UDP or SCTP
  21. Fanout/forwarding for Syslog, Netflow and SNMP Traps
  22. Tech support directly from the Australian Software Engineers who write the code
  23. And the list goes on...

AKIPS is simple to evaluate:

  1. Spin up a VM
  2. Download our ISO image
  3. Install AKIPS (5 minutes)
  4. Discover your network (10 minutes)
  5. Contact us for some initial training

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